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Art Saves Lives

Turn to Celtic Pathways Studio for breathtaking masterpieces and art classes. Call or email me today so we can discuss further.

A Little Something

About Myself

Hello there! My name is Pat Keegan, and I’m the owner of Celtic Pathways Studio. I’m a visual artist and a retired teacher who relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina to establish a presence in the art scene. I’m a professional photographer with an Irish series, Celtic Pathways. It’s an artist’s view of the Emerald Isle that has been exhibited in numerous one-woman shows.

I don’t only create apparel, crafts, and more through multimedia. I also work on painting and collage. I had art shows across Connecticut and won a lot of national awards for teaching and arts. I was well known and successful in the said state.


The Story of My Wonderful Journey

I’ll Share More About My Life Soon

A Dream I Want to Fulfill

More Relevant Information Will Be Released Soon

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